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­I specialize in all areas of Special Education (Exceptional Education) needs K-12; PS/RTI (MTSS) procedures and compliance K-12;   I assist families during IEP’s; Sec. 504; Special Education needs in Colleges; Homeschool students; Virtual School; Gifted procedures and staffings; I assist parents with behavior analysis and behavior intervention in the classroom. I have six years of experience in the classroom with four years of experience as a Resource Specialist conducting IEP meetings in multiple settings.

    Available as a Speaker on: PS/RTI procedures and compliance K-12, Sec 504; College applications on getting disabilities

admitted and followed; IDEA issues in K-12; Special Education compliance. For other topics, please email me.

Geographical Area: Florida: Brevard County and St. Lucie County


An exceptional education (special needs) advocate is proficient in all facets of the Individual Education Plan that every child in the public school system

receives after being identified with a disability. It is useful to think of the IEP as your child’s educational blueprint. The IEP is intended to be the guiding factor

for teachers and school staff in meeting the needs of your student. Many times, the IEP doesn’t end up benefitting the student because it becomes another

piece of paperwork for administrators to complete due to compliance issues.  When this occurs it takes away from the laws (IDEA) original purpose and

intention. It is a special education advocate’s job to review school data, report cards, state testing results and to listen to insight from parents in order to

assist parents and the school team in creating realistic and meaningful goals for the child at hand. It is my job, as an advocate, to bring an IEP into reality. 





The best future
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Students are all taught the same way in their classrooms. Not all students learn the same. Our schools forget this fact.


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An advocate is even more effective to parents if they are instructional experts themselves, have taught in the classroom in both inclusive and pull out settings and have worked closely with students with learning/behavioral challenges. Parents should learn something from their advocate! I will always be here for you. I will guide you through this daunting process. I have six years of experience in the classroom with four years of experience as a Resource Specialist conducting IEP meetings in multiple settings. I have also been tutoring students with special needs for over 3 years. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Exceptional Student Education and a Master’s Degree in Reading, I have a passion for special education law and special education students. I also have my Doctorate in Education. My vast amount of experience and passion for children will enable me to help you maneuver through any special needs issues that may come your way.

Why us?

Many times, struggling students get further behind as they progress through the grade levels if they have not been helped in their early years. These are the students that have fallen through the cracks of our education system. Exceptional Minds can help with the daunting task of dealing with the process of PS-RTI  and diagnosis of your student. We can be your advocate during this long process.


Please understand that I am not an attorney, and cannot give you legal advice or represent you as an attorney.  If the situation becomes beyond the scope of my capabilities, I will refer you to an attorney.